How to destroy your sports image?

When athletes communicate their sports image in society, they are projecting the best or the worst of it.

Their attitudes, words and behaviors speak for them, teams or countries they represent.

These are the main points to make an athlete destroy his sports image:

1. Don´t put attention in your personal appearance, nobody cares about your look.

2. Do not thank a gift even if it is small.

3. Responsibility in all your actions is not important.

4. Let others to take pictures of you with a glass of cocktail in your hand or while you are drunk.

5. Find a way to make a teammate, coach or club owner make a bad impression.

6. Create problems. Everybody is going to talk about you.

7. Adopt a poor attitude. It is the first thing that others will see in you.

8. Put on your sunglasses when you are talking to someone.

9. When you’re invited to dinner take a a third portion of your food, even if it is not offered to you.

10. Forget your modals and good manners.

11. Never accept that you could be wrong.

12. When you feel good, please do not tell it.

13. Don´t offer yourself as a volunteer, is a tedious job.

14. Don´t look for qualification in human development. Knowing and preparing in everything about your sport is the most important.

15. Negative attitudes is an easy way to act, many people think the same.

16. Reveal your secrets and your intimacies to others.

17. When you realize you made a mistake justify yourself, you never have to feel guilty of what happened.

18. It’s hard to lead, leave it to others that have time.

19. Get angry and argue with press.

20. Your critics would be are always wrong about you, do not listen to them.

Follow these twenty steps is easy, many do it and their reputation get stained forever…

Daily efforts to take care of your reputation, build a positive sports image, help others and give a great evidence of your career is something that only a few can do.

Maybe you do not have time or you are not prepared to be successful…

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