Ibrahimovic´s bipolar image

Zlatan is a player of contrasts. Light or plenty of shades. Sometimes he remembers us his talent and gives us a pleasant and authentic lesson of football, but other times, he does not remember himself.

This “giant” born in Malmo, Sweden has qualities, style and personality, and courage, vision and security that make him a different player. In football recognize these outstanding players is complicated.

With all the magic that emerges from his boots, Ibra traps, surprises and make us adore him. He lifts and then dropped us from the top to meet with his other “face”, the “dark” side of his personality.

For football players become increasingly necessary to balance their soccer skills with their personal skills. When one of this is superior, there is an answer in our minds that cause us confusion.

This is exactly the case of Ibrahimovic. His football skills are beyond his personal abilities. He distorts the image that leaves on the field and the memories of their actions do not remain for a long time in our minds.

Playing for different clubs, he caused the same effect with his image. Fans get so excited and begin to see him with eyes of idol, but suddenly he changes his team, and all the fantasy is over.

One year he plays in a team and the next is playing for the rival team. He does not identify with the club, and do not show love and royalty to a team. He is just there.

When he plays for his country something similar happens, but in a different scale. He disappears, especially, when he is needed more. Never seen taking a leadership role or encouraging their teammates to catapult Sweden to a superior position that improves its position in international tournaments.

Those are the reasons why Ibrahimovic projects a bipolar image. His greatest weakness is in his attitude more than in his football skills. With the same transparency like a glass, he reflects this attitude in his body language.

Imagine if we gave life to football, and we copy the same attitude of Ibrahimovic. It would be so bipolar that perhaps deserves a match of 10, 90 or 150 minutes duration. Football and its protagonists should not be like that.

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