Calm, Tri, calm


All soccer fans have a coach in their heads that gives instructions, moves pieces like a chessman, removes players who show no character as well as those who do not have the right attitude to win the game.


The coach’s role today is no longer limited to that. Now, he should be able to understand better their players, manage their egos, lead and motivate them to achieve personal and group goals.


The image of a coach should be aware that if he is anxious and desperate the player will the same as him. His example, calm and how he andel his emotions are fundamental to communicate his personality to his players. Dont´ confuse this with the absence of passion, enthusiasm and courage.


The personality of a coach is projected in his team and how his players drive their successes and failures. A coach must not limit his efforts on tactics, rhetoric, turning their players in a club of optimists or people who can easily be “brainwashed” and manipulate. He should transmit a positive energy and project the image required at a specific time.


In the last games, Chepo de la Torre looked anxious and desperate. The pressure to win games it is absorbing him and he looks confused, discouraged and alone.


Mexico´s soccer team needs reassurance. It is easy to say with words but Chepo should be aware that he should manage well his energies to project more calm to his players.


Confederations Cup is a great opportunity to change the negative image left by the “Tri” in World Cup qualifying, but things will not change, bringing another coach. He has to choose the right attitude.


The wardrobe of Chepo should be more relaxed. It evidences authority but this message is not close enough to his players. This is the time when they need support, empathy and a “dictator” without an iron image.

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