Benefits of training your team and players in leadership issues


If you really want something in life, there are no obstacles and limits, much less excuses. Here, what really counts are possibilities and your capacity to move from words to facts.

Talking about facts, the training that Fc Barcelona gives to all his players, coaches and staff in La Masía (soccer academy), it is a work of years that matches to a plan and it is loyal to his values, principles and philosophy. But why is so successful?


  1. Their talents, staff and coaches are treated like people
  1. Work with their mentality focusing them in playing to win (not only playing for playing) but according to an attractive football to go beyond as a team.
  1. Anticipate and reduce conflicts that make their talents and players feel less scared and doubtful.
  1. Their players feel part of the team and are proud to be Barça players (even from Catalunya).
  1. Know how to work together as a team and make decisions that don´t affect their careers.
  1. Speak and have a good relationship with the media, expressing their ideas with confidence and clarity.


In our company, Identidad deportiva, we offer a similar training as Fc Barcelona´s. People and teams strengthen their abilities and mentality and go beyond the field.

Many issues where you can train and learn more are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Finances
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Team work
  5. Media training
  6. Social media
  7. Crisis management
  8. Oral expression
  9. Negotiation
  10. Decision making


Benefits of our training:

  • Teams educate future players, integrate them and develop their abilities. For that reason, they could increase more their value as players.
  • Better results with their leadership, team work, crisis management, oral expression, decision making and body language abilities.
  • Teams can strengthen its image and reputation reducing conflicts that may damage them and could make them lose credibility.
  • Develop a personal and professional mentality from the inside of their personality to the top.
  • Have social influence showing an organized work from their amateur players to professional players, coaches and staff.


This training plan is flexible and you can also have many conferences of your choice like sexuality, non violence, drugs, fame management, etc.

This is how we put “all hands on deck” and we help people and teams not only to stay in dreams; there are a lot of possibilities everyday to make all their dreams come true.


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