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Ten reasons why you should know about sports image

The world needs new specialties that complement knowledge in sports.

By opening ourselves up, learn and specialize in new issues, we offer more engaging content, and things change the title of being just bore.

Today, athletes need to increase their athletic skills and personality with superior communication skills, presentation, body language and appearance to make their image transcends in sports.

Do not need to be an athlete to know about this. If you work in something related or sports is your passion, you can prepare and specialize in sports image.

Why do you should learn about sports image?

1. Know how to build a sports image credible, and influential since the beginning.

2. Analyze attitudes, words, behavior and body language of athletes, and evaluate their effectiveness.

3. Sports image is dynamic and has to change in time. You should know how to develop a plan to modify or improve it.

4. Increase efforts of athletes in social sports responsibility.

5. Learn how to manage and control image crisis that could jeopardize the reputation of athletes.

6. Structure credible communication messages for interviews and press conferences.

7. Define or redefine the identity of a team that impacts in the performance of their players.

8. Know which elements of the image are required to organize sports events.

9. Develop a positive sports image in social networks.

10. Determine the rules of dress, style and appearance.

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