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La imagen fiel de Àrsene Wenger


Que el equipo que dirijas se llame casi como tú, es más que una afortunada coincidencia. El milagro de Àrsene Wenger se debe en gran parte a su imagen fiel y perseverante con el equipo de Londres, al cual le dio una identidad e incrementó su prestigio en el futbol mundial.

Àrsene es del Arsenal como Arsenal es de Àrsene, no hay ejemplo de mayor lealtad que ese. Sí, estaba escrito que son el uno para el otro pero el carácter y comportamiento del ex entrenador del Mónaco ha sido fundamental para hacer más estrecha la relación entre individuo e institución.

Sin tanto rebuscamiento en su vestimenta, su estilo tradicional ha sido poco cambiante y atrevido, proyecta seriedad, experiencia y sabiduría, cualidades que imprimió a un equipo necesitado de eso.

Una de las más grandes virtudes del entrenador francés fue su gran capacidad para hacer un proyecto a largo plazo con el apoyo de los directivos que han sabido ser pacientes y respetar procesos. Eso ya no se ve hoy en día en los equipos de futbol.

Los gestos de Wenger eran escasos pero transparentes, es fácil intuir como se siente con solo observarlo con cuidado. Ese es un gran acierto del francés que conoce que una imagen deportiva proyecta 93% más por lo que no dice que por lo que dice, así es que su estrategia comunicativa ha sido bien enfocada en mantener el control de los gestos.

Ha sido un técnico alejado de escándalos y con capacidad y liderazgo para manejar crisis en el club o con sus jugadores. Los modales y las buenas maneras son puntos que siempre van a hablar bien de una persona, más de una figura pública, una actitud que pocos técnicos entienden y se excusan tontamente en decir “es que fue la calentura del partido”

Extrañaremos a Àrsene Wenger sentado en el banquillo del Arsenal, sin duda, una imagen deportiva difícil de reemplazar.


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Özil: The “Owl” of sports image


He is the character that paralyzed social networks and overshadowed the arrival of Gareth Bale to his former club, Real Madrid.

Mesut Özil is a footballer whose sports image is discrete and his class is outstanding. His big eyes give the impression he is always surprised and amazed with everything he sees in the world of football.

Özil accurately place balls anywhere in the area, so the forwards of his team can´t complain they are not receiving endowed passes full of magic and quality.

His temperament is quiet and his personal life is far from scandals.

His german discipline is combined with his turkish roots to maintain his sports image well organised, and the achievements in his professional career stand out more than what he does in his personal life.

The looks that he has used throughout his career goes from the most creative, eye-catching, to the most natural and less produced, where the messages that he communicates is joy, simplicity and affordability, sheltered with a sporty look, especially, young.

A little of his creative sytle is more emphasized is when is not playing football, and he wears big sunglasses and two small earrings.

Here is his sport image over the time:

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The tenacious image of Chicharito

Chicharito´s smile draw the lines of a honest and contagious attitude projected in a charismatic image.

In good or bad times of his career, Javier is a player who shows humility and character showing that he has a mental strength as a player.

He communicates a balanced and consistent personality, being the same as a player and human. His image is associated with a religious man with an exemplary behavior on and off the field.

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The decreasing image of John Terry

The sports image of John Terry is completely stained. Infidelities with wifes of teammates, racism acts and his questionable behavior on the field put his career in doubt.

He is a defense with an outstanding leadership and talent that quickly established his name in the world of football elite. His great performances in Chelsea, catapulted him to England team and achieved what looked impossible, be the captain of the team.

Nobody moved him from this position, but the more he grew in his image, the more we meet the real John Terry.

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Sports image is not sports marketing

It is common to confuse sports image with sports marketing, so I decided to write these lines to explain the difference between them.

In recent years, we have witnessed the grown of new specialities. 50 years ago there were a few degrees and students chose four or five options only.

Nowadays, technological development and new media are emerging leading us to explore new specialties and get more significant differentiators.

This is how sports image has come up. Not to compete, rebut or refute other specialities, is available to enhance knowledge and provide better content to media and their audiences.

Image is a specialty released in 1960. In the beginning, people seen it with eyes of curiosity but now it a essential skill with enormous importance in any field, and in sports, there is no exception.

Let’s review contents. Commentators are constantly saying during a match that a team has a good or poor image. More than a simple result, people are paying attention in temperamental behaviors from athletes, and how critical situations been solved for the good of the club, country or a sport.

And that is just the essence of sports image: people is perceiving how athletes are behaving in the field and out of it and how true are this image with what they do, act and what their body language is communicating.

An example: people think “Chicharito” Hernández has a better sports image than Cuauhtemoc Blanco. It’s just perception. I think both of them have a highly effective sports image.

Many people love and others hate Jose Mourinho. The same case happens with Pep Guardiola, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. It is just perception.

Sports image is BEFORE and marketing sports is AFTER the life of an athlete. It is similar to hire an exceptionally talented player -image- and how the promoter sells him -marketing-.

More athletes link to brands. In England, Wayne Rooney was the “image” of Coke Zero´s ads, but finally the company ended up their relation with him and hired Chicharito Hernández because he was the best athlete that represents the values of the brand.

That is why athletes need to develop an effective sports image strategy, define their personality and know the limits and scope of their temperament, abilities to talk with media and relationship with fans knowing which messages are sending their body language.

In summary, sports image is a puzzle which pieces must assemble well to communicate a total positive perception. These pieces are:

1. Athletic abilities
2. Communication skills
3. Attitude
4. Personal style and look
6. Character
7. Body language
8. Public exposure
9. Personality

If one of these elements is weak, sports image will not be solid and could disappear quickly even if marketing campaigns are successful.

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