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How to be more disciplined?

Insistence, resistance, persistence. Three key words to live disciplined.

It´s not being strict, demand yourself more or knock your head off doing bigger things. It´s just small steps transformed into congruent habits that give you satisfaction.

In the next clip I share your how can you have more discipline even it looks impossible.

Dreams are just built with discipline!


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How to increase your self-motivation

“Self-motivation is the most powerful force to change a dark life and give colour to it”


We are living in difficult times. Stress, anxiety, depression. Doubts about ourselves grow. What we do is leading us to the place that we want?

It´s not the moment to throw in the towel, even less forget everything. Now is the right moment to look inward ourselves and find the “force” that could help us to break down walls and move mountains: our self-motivation.

In the next clip you will discover the key to increase your self-motivation in a world full of comparisons and competitiveness.

Be the change and inspiration of the people!


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5 levels of a strong mindset

“A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope” –Thomas Carlyle-

Developing a strong mindset is possible if you believe in. It is not exclusively a condition of wealth, experience or the country you live.

Many people build their thoughts with the opinion that others have in them and unfortunately think more in their weaknesses than in their strengths. Sometimes here is the great opportunity to get a strong mindset.

The following video explains the 5 levels of a strong mindset, a useful way to believe more in you and be trustable.

Remember, you can´t communicate what you don´t have!


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I love you / hate so much


Is equally important for a team to have a strategy in sports image like in corporate finance.

Sports moves people, make them feel emotions that are consistent with the identity of teams and if it is credible with what they are communicating, they will be following them.

Historically, in any sport there are loved and hated teams. They build their reputation on what they say and do and say and do again, although good results can impact in their good reputation.

In soccer, the best example of teams loved by many people and hated by others are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Two teams with different personalities that causes infatuation, joy, love, anger and hatred of thousands of fans worldwide.

In Mexico the same case happens between America and Guadalajara. They are loved and hated. Antagonistic to each other from the beginning. The image that they communicate to their fans has helped and positioned their marketing campaigns and they have made the most of its “fame”.

In basketball, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls are two loved and hated teams, although Miami Heat has also won the tag of a team loved by some and hated by others.

In the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are loved and hated teams. They have found successful messages to communicate and been consistent to them.

In baseball, Los Angeles Dodgers and the NY Yankees are loved and hated teams, also the Boston Red Sox. History, championships and recent successes have helped them but from my point of view something is missing to them to take advantage of this.

And finally, Formula 1 teams Ferrari and McLaren are two loved and hated teams. Their drivers have done much to create this image, although Red Bull has the tag of a team loved by some and hated by others too.

Create, getting or keeping the image of a team that does not cause anything to fans is like trying to go diving without an oxygen tank. Forcing an identity just to get attention is like to get a mask and project something that is not true, and is clearly evident.

The fans of these loved and hated teams not only grew in number. Teams came out of the ordinary, innovated and found arguments to project with their sports image, beyond its history, players and coaches.

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Özil: The “Owl” of sports image


He is the character that paralyzed social networks and overshadowed the arrival of Gareth Bale to his former club, Real Madrid.

Mesut Özil is a footballer whose sports image is discrete and his class is outstanding. His big eyes give the impression he is always surprised and amazed with everything he sees in the world of football.

Özil accurately place balls anywhere in the area, so the forwards of his team can´t complain they are not receiving endowed passes full of magic and quality.

His temperament is quiet and his personal life is far from scandals.

His german discipline is combined with his turkish roots to maintain his sports image well organised, and the achievements in his professional career stand out more than what he does in his personal life.

The looks that he has used throughout his career goes from the most creative, eye-catching, to the most natural and less produced, where the messages that he communicates is joy, simplicity and affordability, sheltered with a sporty look, especially, young.

A little of his creative sytle is more emphasized is when is not playing football, and he wears big sunglasses and two small earrings.

Here is his sport image over the time:

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Ribéry: the aerodynamic sports image


Franck Ribery only needs wings to fly. His high-speed look gives the impression that he is an aerodynamic model that plays football.

During his career, he has made only ​​a few changes in his image but this is not a matter of taste, the scars that has due to an accident many years ago, can´t let him make more changes.

In the next photos we analyzed the few changes that the french player of Bayern München has taken and the messages that he communicates:

1. A little discreet and versatile style


2. Youth, accessible, natural


3. Same style but with variations in hair length and beard


4. Shorter model that gives the impression of being faster


The image of athletes is a powerful ally that helps them to minimize scars and imperfections like Ribèry, making their image more versatile. A few modern touches are always recommended for all of them.

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Yelena Isinbayeva, the beautiful image of the heights


Few sport images project congruence as Yelena Isinbayeva. Besides being a beautiful woman she projects an image of women focused in work.

Yelena communicates through her personality security, showing what she wants and where to go in her life and balancing her personal and professional life.

Beyond the cold image that many russians communicate, Isinbayeva changes that perception and when she is interviewed, she evidences, through her eyes, happiness and positive emotions. Sometimes her eyes flows between positive emotions and the desire that she wants to go when she is looking to the floor.

After a successful jump, she is passionate and intense in her celebration but, when she fails, she tightens her facial expressions and contains her emotions of annoyance and frustration with herself.

Her style of dress is modern and elegant with elements like rings that she uses when she is competing. Her hairstyle varies in the length using it with a braid or a short ponytail. Also it is practical and simple, this express that she is not complicated to choose her hairstyle.

She’s Yelena Isinbayeva. A muse of heights, a woman who flirts with the air. She will be surely missed as a professional.

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Mexico in the Confederations cup: A protocol guide to the mexican team to communicate a positive image in Brazil


Visiting an exotic country like Brazil is seductive. Walking on the streets, go to the most important tourist places and the football stadiums that in a year will be hosting the World Cup.

It would be good to question players and managers of the mexican team how much and what they know about Brazil, beyond just knowing just about their sports heroes and stadiums. What do they know about their culture and traditions, What is well accepted by them and what is not? 

To the country that you go, do what you see.

Here is a brief guide to the mexican team:

1. Conversation

Communicating with brazilians is warm, complex, informal and highly personal.

The way that the brazilians greet men and women is similar than we do in Mexico. Men shake hands and greet women with a kiss on the cheek.

A good way to “break the ice” with brazilians is talking about soccer, obviously, but there are also another good topics of conversation as weather, traffic (if you are in Sao Paulo), all about the Confederations Cup and the next World Cup, music and their economy. Avoid conversations that create controversy, for example, asking who is better between Pele or Maradona or rivalries between brazilian and argentinian teams.

Talking about poverty, security, deforestation, religion, racism, corruption, social inequality should be avoided.

Brazilians are proud of their ability to laugh at themselves. They like spontaneity. Even, are considered noisy because everybody wants to talk at the same time and with a high volume voice.

Do not be surprised if you are constantly interrupted by them. Do not think they are rude or have no interest in what you’re saying.

They like to touch people in a conversation. Their intention is to be as close as possible to communicate confidence and establish a long-term relationship with you.

They are not used to give orders but advices so they can feel easily offended with unfriendly conversations.

Two. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The main meals are breakfast, between 7 and 9 am, lunch, between noon and 2 pm, and dinner starting from 7 pm.

Brazilians usually arrive 15 minutes late but in social events they used to arrive between one hour and two hours later.

They like to observe the manners of people at the table and like when a person knows how to eat and drink with education. They always wash their hands before eating and never touch food with their hands, except fruits and chicken. They use a knife and a fork and use a napkin after eating and drinking.

Never use chopsticks and do not burp while you’re at the table.

In a toast, raise your glass and say “Saúde”. Drink it slowly immediately after saying it.

Three. Public Behavior

Spontaneity is so valuable for brazilians but that does not mean you can do what you want.

When you meet someone you say your name and give a handshake. Women are greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

When greeting someone you can say, “Oi, tudo bem? (Hey, you all right?), Or “Olá, como vai” (Hello, how are you?). Eye contact is important for brazilians. An informal way to say goodbye in Brazil is “Tchau” (Goodbye) and give a handshake.

Talking about salaries, marital status and age should be avoided, as well as sexist conversations.

Avoid joining the thumb with the index and form a circle, this is an insult.

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What does Gigi Buffon´s image say?


He is a goalkeeper who takes life seriously. More than ten years being the goalkeeper of italian national soccer team. He has made ​​history and has printed the best of his image to the “azzurris”.

Gianluigui Buffon has a defiant way of looking and a mischievous smile. His seductive and sexy personality seek to catch the attention, and sends a powerful message of provocation. Safety from his head to his feet.

His look is an element that readily distinguishes him. A 3 day beard, pins in his hair, also the color and designs of his sweaters gives him a modern look to his image and breaks the stereotype of a traditional goalkeeper.

His hoarse voice is intimidating. He doesn´t leave words when he speaks showing that his image is full of self-confidence without concealing his most serious side.

This serious personality that he projects in interviews and press conferences, breaks the image that we see of him on the field, when he makes jokes with coaches and teammates.

Gianluigui Buffon is a sports image that has become a true and total legend in the italian goal.

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Calm, Tri, calm


All soccer fans have a coach in their heads that gives instructions, moves pieces like a chessman, removes players who show no character as well as those who do not have the right attitude to win the game.


The coach’s role today is no longer limited to that. Now, he should be able to understand better their players, manage their egos, lead and motivate them to achieve personal and group goals.


The image of a coach should be aware that if he is anxious and desperate the player will the same as him. His example, calm and how he andel his emotions are fundamental to communicate his personality to his players. Dont´ confuse this with the absence of passion, enthusiasm and courage.


The personality of a coach is projected in his team and how his players drive their successes and failures. A coach must not limit his efforts on tactics, rhetoric, turning their players in a club of optimists or people who can easily be “brainwashed” and manipulate. He should transmit a positive energy and project the image required at a specific time.


In the last games, Chepo de la Torre looked anxious and desperate. The pressure to win games it is absorbing him and he looks confused, discouraged and alone.


Mexico´s soccer team needs reassurance. It is easy to say with words but Chepo should be aware that he should manage well his energies to project more calm to his players.


Confederations Cup is a great opportunity to change the negative image left by the “Tri” in World Cup qualifying, but things will not change, bringing another coach. He has to choose the right attitude.


The wardrobe of Chepo should be more relaxed. It evidences authority but this message is not close enough to his players. This is the time when they need support, empathy and a “dictator” without an iron image.

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