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How Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. can rebuild his image?

A sport can be seen as a game but the sports image couldn´t. Building a reputation, is one of the most complex things in world. This is job would not be responsibility of family, friends or managers, experts should manage it.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, not only lost his last fight against “Maravilla” Martinez, he lost the fight of his life and career. His recent doping harmed his sports reputation and everything he built over the years is destroyed.

Planning and not reacting, is the best way to act in benefit of the sports image of athletes. Is unthinkable for top athletes to believe that they don´t need it because they would never going to be in a crisis like this.

The power of sports image is huge. There are many ways to salvage it doing a careful image analysis to improve or change opinions about an athlete.

Some solutions to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to rebuild his image are:

1. Make a press conference to show a regretful attitude. He has to focus his messages only in his attitude.

2. Demonstrate what he learned by consuming marijuana and his commitments to rebuild his career.

3. Absence of public appearances for a few months.

4. Increase his social responsibility efforts donating time and money to institutions which rehabilitate people from drugs.

5. Change his appearance shaving his head, strengthen his body and keeping his current weight, will be the ideal indicators of his changes.

If he does this, he would rebuild his young and promising career, and this bitter episode in his life will be forgotten.

A new “Chávez Junior” will be back. And he will be more committed, serious and aggressive, and this will make people forget his current sports image that is now burned.

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Ibrahimovic´s bipolar image

Zlatan is a player of contrasts. Light or plenty of shades. Sometimes he remembers us his talent and gives us a pleasant and authentic lesson of football, but other times, he does not remember himself.

This “giant” born in Malmo, Sweden has qualities, style and personality, and courage, vision and security that make him a different player. In football recognize these outstanding players is complicated.

With all the magic that emerges from his boots, Ibra traps, surprises and make us adore him. He lifts and then dropped us from the top to meet with his other “face”, the “dark” side of his personality.

For football players become increasingly necessary to balance their soccer skills with their personal skills. When one of this is superior, there is an answer in our minds that cause us confusion.

This is exactly the case of Ibrahimovic. His football skills are beyond his personal abilities. He distorts the image that leaves on the field and the memories of their actions do not remain for a long time in our minds.

Playing for different clubs, he caused the same effect with his image. Fans get so excited and begin to see him with eyes of idol, but suddenly he changes his team, and all the fantasy is over.

One year he plays in a team and the next is playing for the rival team. He does not identify with the club, and do not show love and royalty to a team. He is just there.

When he plays for his country something similar happens, but in a different scale. He disappears, especially, when he is needed more. Never seen taking a leadership role or encouraging their teammates to catapult Sweden to a superior position that improves its position in international tournaments.

Those are the reasons why Ibrahimovic projects a bipolar image. His greatest weakness is in his attitude more than in his football skills. With the same transparency like a glass, he reflects this attitude in his body language.

Imagine if we gave life to football, and we copy the same attitude of Ibrahimovic. It would be so bipolar that perhaps deserves a match of 10, 90 or 150 minutes duration. Football and its protagonists should not be like that.

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Ten reasons why you should know about sports image

The world needs new specialties that complement knowledge in sports.

By opening ourselves up, learn and specialize in new issues, we offer more engaging content, and things change the title of being just bore.

Today, athletes need to increase their athletic skills and personality with superior communication skills, presentation, body language and appearance to make their image transcends in sports.

Do not need to be an athlete to know about this. If you work in something related or sports is your passion, you can prepare and specialize in sports image.

Why do you should learn about sports image?

1. Know how to build a sports image credible, and influential since the beginning.

2. Analyze attitudes, words, behavior and body language of athletes, and evaluate their effectiveness.

3. Sports image is dynamic and has to change in time. You should know how to develop a plan to modify or improve it.

4. Increase efforts of athletes in social sports responsibility.

5. Learn how to manage and control image crisis that could jeopardize the reputation of athletes.

6. Structure credible communication messages for interviews and press conferences.

7. Define or redefine the identity of a team that impacts in the performance of their players.

8. Know which elements of the image are required to organize sports events.

9. Develop a positive sports image in social networks.

10. Determine the rules of dress, style and appearance.

Wait for more news and information about upcoming courses, workshops and consulting services.

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Jose Mourinho betrayed by his body

Newspapers, web pages and tv, talked strongly about José Mourinho last press conference. Beyond the decisive match Real Madrid against Sevilla, everyone wanted to know about the mood of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese coach’s verbal messages were needed, but heard hasty, to say there is nothing to worry, and the sadness of Cristiano is not something that affects the team.

His body language said more and contradicted his words. The attitude of Mourinho during the press conference reflected the difference between what is happening and what he had to say.

Anxiety, discomfort, nervousness and refusal to talk about is what nonverbally -and unconsciously- Mourinho said in his body. If we only pay attention to words and not in his entire image, we easily drawn and fall into the trap of what he only said.

Let’s see why:

1. Messages perceived false when looked down to the floor and avoided eye contact with the press.

2. He crossed his arms, and his body rejected back to the questions of the press and shown him closed -or blocked- to talk about it.

3. Eyes moved steadily towards his lower right side, reflecting that he was in touch with his feelings. The message is he is worried about the true mood of his player.

4. Projected insecurity when he touched his body and frowned his forehead.

5. More evident was his insecurity and conflict -internal- when he looked down again to the floor and bit his lips.

6. Nerves invaded him, and his body lied. Here, he scratched his nose projecting lie.

Jose Mourinho was betrayed by his body. His words were effective and sounded convincing, but his body messages neglected him. Maybe he needs to know that 93% of all communication is no verbal.

When only focus in the form –verbal messages- and ignore substance –body language-, the sports image lacks in credibility and make unable to handle a situation like this.

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Alex Smith’s passion vs. Aaron Rodgers´s class

One of the most prominent players with a strong leadership and decision-making in the NFL is the quarterback.

They are the responsible in a big percentage of victory or defeat of their teams. Their vision, control of emotions and personality will shape their sports image producing an immediate effect on every fan’s mind: good or bad player.

In this complex but crucial process of perception, there is an element that gives a lot of weight and feed the image of a quarterback: what he does off the field.

Close to end the week #1 of NFL and after having enjoyed exciting games, this week I chose Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith to analyze their sports identity.

Alex Smith’s passion

Alex Smith communicates his passion and love in this game showing his preparation before a game.

He is a cerebral player, not contentious and sometimes looks shy. That automatically makes him look like a player not obsessed in winning titles.

In the beginning, his career as quarterback of San Francisco was not easy. The shadow of failure seemed to cover every season, and many claimed that he would not be 49 ers´s coreback anymore.

His attitude and behavior projects him as a player with an enormous physical and mental strength.

He plays giving all for his team but sometimes he looks hopeless and unable to handle the pressure.

Press conferences are an excellent test for him and how he handles the pressure. He looks like a nervous teenager and immature, lowers his head and avoids eye contact, touches his mouth and nose although looks excited to be there too.

His appearance is rebellious. Short hair, beard and a worried smile show his natural but innocent side.

Aaron Rodgers´s class

Aaron Rodgers projects class and character. His responsibility as a team leader extends to all his teammates, and they look like his family.

In victory or defeat, he is mature and civilized. He looks not desperate or nervous on the pitch communicating that he trusts in his potential.

He is a man of few words and more action. He knows how beneficial it is to keep his mouth closed, and play, play and play to lead his team to the top.

In press conferences, he guarantees that he is a man of few words. For example, in this picture his body language communicates kindness but when he presses his lips he is indicating that he will not say more.

His appearance is dynamic but only reflects little changes, either a three-day beard that make him look less conservative or a mustache that gives him a touch of maturity to his style.

He also participates with his foundation doing humanitarian job that makes him his sports image strengthen and sensitive to others.

Build a reputation as quarterback of this prestigious teams is not easy. Quarterbacks like Montana with 49 ers or Favre with Packers were legend, and their results impress us, but this is part of the history.

Rodgers and Smith have to build his legacy without comparing themselves with what their predecessors did.

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How to destroy your sports image?

When athletes communicate their sports image in society, they are projecting the best or the worst of it.

Their attitudes, words and behaviors speak for them, teams or countries they represent.

These are the main points to make an athlete destroy his sports image:

1. Don´t put attention in your personal appearance, nobody cares about your look.

2. Do not thank a gift even if it is small.

3. Responsibility in all your actions is not important.

4. Let others to take pictures of you with a glass of cocktail in your hand or while you are drunk.

5. Find a way to make a teammate, coach or club owner make a bad impression.

6. Create problems. Everybody is going to talk about you.

7. Adopt a poor attitude. It is the first thing that others will see in you.

8. Put on your sunglasses when you are talking to someone.

9. When you’re invited to dinner take a a third portion of your food, even if it is not offered to you.

10. Forget your modals and good manners.

11. Never accept that you could be wrong.

12. When you feel good, please do not tell it.

13. Don´t offer yourself as a volunteer, is a tedious job.

14. Don´t look for qualification in human development. Knowing and preparing in everything about your sport is the most important.

15. Negative attitudes is an easy way to act, many people think the same.

16. Reveal your secrets and your intimacies to others.

17. When you realize you made a mistake justify yourself, you never have to feel guilty of what happened.

18. It’s hard to lead, leave it to others that have time.

19. Get angry and argue with press.

20. Your critics would be are always wrong about you, do not listen to them.

Follow these twenty steps is easy, many do it and their reputation get stained forever…

Daily efforts to take care of your reputation, build a positive sports image, help others and give a great evidence of your career is something that only a few can do.

Maybe you do not have time or you are not prepared to be successful…

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Cristiano Ronaldo: his facade image without bottomless

Image that has only form doesn´t work. Image with substance doesn´t sell. Balancing substance and form is essential for athletes to create a credible reputation even if advertising and marketing are bombarding them.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading representative of the image – facade that marketing pretends to sell us. He has an attractive image, powerful and aspirational but is not being successful when he shows fragility and weakness.

A few days ago, the Portuguese player said that he is unhappy, but this is not new. Some people said this a “strategy” to renegotiate his contract, others that he wants to get out of his club, but only a few talked about how he is managing and controlling emotions.

Incredible for a player like Ronaldo that emotions make him look unable to control himself. Feeling depressed is normal and human, but controlling them is essential for his image.

Nonverbally he has been displaying a delicate and a poor strategy that make his sports image so vulnerable -and clearly that does not exist-, his image is sending messages that are not true and consistent.

Marketing can no longer just “make-up” players who “are” empty and project the opposite of what their ads campaigns are saying. Mismanagement and poor management of emotions are not new in Ronaldo. Maybe he needs some professional help.

In the following photos, I describe the fragility and weakness of his personality:

Make self-esteem depends only on observation of others, or when you are on the front or newspapers say positive things about you or when you get titles, and international awards, are not the best way to make sports image persevere and form a credible reputation over time.

Disappointment and frustration are necessary in athlete’s life to be successful and look more closer.

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Sports image is not sports marketing

It is common to confuse sports image with sports marketing, so I decided to write these lines to explain the difference between them.

In recent years, we have witnessed the grown of new specialities. 50 years ago there were a few degrees and students chose four or five options only.

Nowadays, technological development and new media are emerging leading us to explore new specialties and get more significant differentiators.

This is how sports image has come up. Not to compete, rebut or refute other specialities, is available to enhance knowledge and provide better content to media and their audiences.

Image is a specialty released in 1960. In the beginning, people seen it with eyes of curiosity but now it a essential skill with enormous importance in any field, and in sports, there is no exception.

Let’s review contents. Commentators are constantly saying during a match that a team has a good or poor image. More than a simple result, people are paying attention in temperamental behaviors from athletes, and how critical situations been solved for the good of the club, country or a sport.

And that is just the essence of sports image: people is perceiving how athletes are behaving in the field and out of it and how true are this image with what they do, act and what their body language is communicating.

An example: people think “Chicharito” Hernández has a better sports image than Cuauhtemoc Blanco. It’s just perception. I think both of them have a highly effective sports image.

Many people love and others hate Jose Mourinho. The same case happens with Pep Guardiola, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. It is just perception.

Sports image is BEFORE and marketing sports is AFTER the life of an athlete. It is similar to hire an exceptionally talented player -image- and how the promoter sells him -marketing-.

More athletes link to brands. In England, Wayne Rooney was the “image” of Coke Zero´s ads, but finally the company ended up their relation with him and hired Chicharito Hernández because he was the best athlete that represents the values of the brand.

That is why athletes need to develop an effective sports image strategy, define their personality and know the limits and scope of their temperament, abilities to talk with media and relationship with fans knowing which messages are sending their body language.

In summary, sports image is a puzzle which pieces must assemble well to communicate a total positive perception. These pieces are:

1. Athletic abilities
2. Communication skills
3. Attitude
4. Personal style and look
6. Character
7. Body language
8. Public exposure
9. Personality

If one of these elements is weak, sports image will not be solid and could disappear quickly even if marketing campaigns are successful.

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Not so Chicharito, not so Cuauhtémoc

All professional soccer players should know and respect their personality, knowing their audiences and the message they want to communicate.

This is best expressed in the cases of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Cuauhtémoc Blanco. Two extraordinary mexican soccer players that should know personality is a vital ingredient to highlight themselves.

What’s around the image and identity of each one?

“Chicharito” was born in Guadalajara, always lived close to his family and is not interested in scandals or hanging out with celebrities. Good behavior on and off the field. His image is associated with a well-behaved man.

“Cuau” born in the neighborhood of Tlatilco and then moved to Tepito. Known for his romances with tv stars. Has a controversial behavior on and off the field. His image is associated with a rude and unruly man.

Image is perception

Few months ago, Cuauhtémoc Blanco received Best public sports image national award, that was so controversial. Many people said it was unfair because the winner should be “Chicharito” Hernandez, he is succeeding a lot in Manchester United.

The truth is that we cannot compare Chicharito with Cuáhtemoc. They are different. What he think of them is just perception.

Consider the following:

Ex Guadalajara´s forward is starting his career and has an upward trend, projects joy when he plays and has a lot of charisma that makes his image more accessible, while former ex América forward and captain, close to retirement, communicates anger and is when he is playing he has a frown, claims constantly to the referee and makes tantrums, which makes him rebel and rude.

This does not mean that “Chicharito´s” image is better than Cuahtémoc´s, image is always relative. It is neither good nor bad, it all depends on the way how others perceive their image and if it is is equally efficient and true to their personality, and beyond the sale of shirts and marketing both are national idols.

If we recommend “Chicharito” to misbehave and become a controversial figure, he would break up with his identity and the image that he created would not be not credible. And if we recommend “Cuau” to behave well and become a quiet placer and off of scandals, he would also break his identity and the image that has been created around him would not be authentic.

That is the key, mexican players must be neither as “Chicharito” or as Cuauhtémoc. It is better to clearly define what is their identity and their image strategies to act as they are really. If they try to copy a successful sports image model, they will never build a credible reputation.

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The complex personality of Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid´s coach has one of the most complex personalities in world of football. His presence can charm some and make others hate him, yet it seems no matter the outcome because he knows his personality and his recent successes have placed it, today, as one of the best coaches in the world.

Jose Mario dos Santos Felix Mourinho, better known as José Mourinho, knows how important is to manage his image. Unfortunately, he is not managing it well. He is shown as a controversial person and brazen, and don´t care about good manners and protocol, necessary today in football.

This “selfishness” is a double-edged sword. In one hand he projects his image knowing that he is the coach of one of the biggest clubs but in the other hand his personality could damage Real Madrid´s image.

The same happens in businesses nowadays. We found brilliant and successful managers with great security and confidence, but their behaviors, attitudes and statements, damage the image of the companies they represent. They are an extension of the company.

Chelsea, a club that Mourinho coached in 2007-08 season, knows something about this. Despite winning two league championships, after earning a league title in 50 years history, they decided to finish their professional relationship with him. This means that Mourinho was not consistent with Chelsea´s ideology, guidelines behaviour and image despite their great football knowledge and recent successes.

The same, perhaps, could happen to Real Madrid. Years ago, Mourinho won the Italian cup, the Champions League and the Italian championship with Inter Milan, but these successes can be dulled by a poor crisis management with mass media and his behaviours on the field.

The key is balance and responsible management of his image with vision, negotiation and humility. Jose Mourinho should know that there are attitudes and behaviors that are not acceptable for his club and a coach like him. He needs to start thinking more in the club that he represents, who trust and placed all its confidence in him to make it better and succesful.

The best result is to build a strong reputation and a image lined up to the club, not only are important club titles, cups and championships.

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